PAC & SET Present:
Ryan Clauson
September 26
7:30 pm
Tickets: $32
Campus Center Theatre

Tired of the bar scene? Come out and see dating coach, body language expert, bestselling author, and comedian, Ryan Clauson. Also known as “Mr. Attraction,” Clauson is passionate about empowering young people in all areas, as well as teaching about the art of attraction. He teaches men and women from around the world healthy ways for meeting, attracting, and dating the right person for them. Combining his background in stand-up comedy with over 7 years of intense research on dating . . .

King Tut
Dr. Stephen Phillips, University of Pennsylvania
October 9
7:00 pm
Tickets are free but must be reserved. Please call 609•652•9000.
Absegami H.S. Auditorium
Lecture Series

Dr. Stephen Phillips will reveal fun facts and secrets about the “Boy King” Tutankhamun in a free lecture. Tutankhamun, ancient Egypt’s famous boy pharaoh, grew up 3,300 years ago in the royal court at Amarna, the ancient city of Akhet-aten, whose name meant the “Horizon of the Aten.” This extraordinary royal city grew, flourished and vanished in hardly more than a generation’s time. This presentation examines the religious, artistic and cultural changes that took place during the reigns of famous . . .

"From the Page to the FIlm to the Stage" Series
Wuthering Heights
Presented by the Aquila Theatre Company
October 10
7:30 pm
Tickets: $32
Performing Arts Center

From the Page to Film to Stage Wuthering Heights is a deep and wide story of passion, revenge, family, class, and the supernatural. Over a century and a half later, Bronte’s magnum opus remains incredibly moving. Aquila Theatre brings to life Emily Bronte’s classic story of all-consuming passion with its new production. The novel, one of the most famous works of world literature, was first published in 1847 under a pseudonym and is Emily Bronte’s only work. Wuthering Heights recounts . . .