King Tut
Dr. Stephen Phillips, University of Pennsylvania
October 9
7:00 pm
Tickets are free but must be reserved. Please call 609•652•9000.
Absegami H.S. Auditorium
Lecture Series

Dr. Stephen Phillips will reveal fun facts and secrets about the “Boy King” Tutankhamun in a free lecture. Tutankhamun, ancient Egypt’s famous boy pharaoh, grew up 3,300 years ago in the royal court at Amarna, the ancient city of Akhet-aten, whose name meant the “Horizon of the Aten.” This extraordinary royal city grew, flourished and vanished in hardly more than a generation’s time. This presentation examines the religious, artistic and cultural changes that took place during the reigns of famous . . .

“Double Shakespeares”
Dr. Cary Mazer, University of Pennsylvania
April 16
6:00 pm
Tickets are FREE but must be reserved. Please call (609) 652•9000
Campus Center Theatre
Lecture Series

“His emotions were so real that I felt he wasn’t just playing Lear, he was Lear.”  Ever since the end of the nineteenth century, audience members want to be able to say that about an actor in a performance of a Shakespeare play. But that expectation runs into trouble when one considers how Shakespeare and his contemporaries understood dramatic character, and the ways that late twentieth and twentyfirst century theatre artists understand theatrical representation.  Cary M. Mazer is Associate Professor . . .

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